"We attribute much of our fitness, energy levels and health improvement to Ben"

by Pauline and David Pinches

"I have lost weight, toned up and my body shape has changed"

by Amanda Griffiths

"I’m fitter and stronger now than 10 years ago"

by Mike Stephens

Sports, Wellbeing and Fitness Breaks

Motivated. Committed. Inspired.

Does that sound like you?

These three words are what our clients tell us they want to be, yet achieving a healthy lifestyle can be hard. At Fit4Ever we understand this, which is why we take a holistic look at your life and aims to devise a unique wellbeing plan that will work for you.

When you need re-energising and reinvigorating, our relaxing retreats are the perfect tonic. Our bespoke packages are created to ensure that you relax with family, friends or new acquaintances in luxury accommodation in one of the most beautiful parts of Wales. The breaks offer a revitalising blend of yoga, healthy eating and fresh air, reducing stress levels and boosting wellbeing. Trust Fit4Ever to tailor-make the ideal experience for you, leaving you recharged and inspired to make the right changes to improve your lifestyle.

At Fit4Ever, we put the same careful planning into our bespoke fitness packages as our relaxing retreats. When you need a blast, we are the go-to fitness people to provide that break you’ll never forget. With us in charge you’ll burn calories, buzz with adrenaline and hit new highs. The action-packed agenda takes place in the Brecon Beacons, a mecca for adventure-seekers in need of a new challenge. Are you ready?

Fit4Ever has the specialist knowledge and experience to get you fit – and keep you that way. Our clients become fitter, stronger and healthier because we make sure the package is right – and that everyone has fun! Whether you need a new challenge, want to tone up for a big day or re-energise your mind, we’ll ensure you achieve your goal.

Get the lifestyle you want. Get fit. Get Fit4Ever